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        Faces Of Lupus
Wear Purple for lupus awareness and tell people why. Help the 2 Sisters 2 Different Kinds of Lupus organization raise awareness of lupus and show support for those who suffer from its brutal impact.

“After years of unexplained pain, several visits to the emergency room and countless doctor appointments, it wasn’t until 2007 that a dermatologist diagnosed me with “Discoid Lupus”. I remember waking up with a tiny sore on my cheek that was emerged and I freaked out especially since I was about to step into the modeling profession. The sores (which now I know were lesions) started spreading to my face, scalp, breast and back. I had seen several specialists who had no clue as to what was happening to me. I refused to settle for unanswered questions since I had so many concerns, so I began doing my own research to help me cope with my ailment. Lupus is very aggressive. I will not give up and will continue to fight this battle with my family and friends. Although I have my bad days, I am thankful to be alive.”


 “Growing up I’ve seen my fair share of doctors, specialists and hospital beds. My first     hospitalization was when I was in the first grade. I had suffered a severe migraine that almost left me blind. You see I suffered from migraines and sinus infections ever since I could remember but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Years later I found out I had high blood pressure. Then a couple months later I was diagnosed with a heart condition along with kidney complications, extreme anemia and low potassium levels. So after all the medications, specialist and hospital beds I was told I had a tumor on my left kidney. I had to undergo surgery in which I almost lost my life due to complications and hemorrhaging. After my surgery in 2005, I was good for a little while but unfortunately my good health didn’t last long. I was diagnosed with Lupus shortly after. I live with  with lupus rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, a heart condition, one kidney, and a boat load of other medical conditions. I gave birth to two beautiful girls after having my kidney removed. I am so blessed to still be alive to share my story but most of all to be able to raise my children.”        



We have encountered many struggles over the years and realized we have a great support system. We also realized that not everyone is as blessed and the lack of a support system  can be very critical. One of our great struggles was being out of work, which deprived us of the necessities to survive. The financial strain could have landed us in a homeless shelter, had we not had the support of our family and friends that chipped to help pay our bills and provide us with groceries until we were able to return to work. Because of this our family and friends have been very encouraging and helpful with orchestrating fundraisers. The funds are used to help individuals and families to stay above water, to educate and be better prepared in case the illness turns for the worst. In our mission to help others, we both realized it has helped us to cope with this disease tremendously. We hope to make a difference in this world even after a cure is found.

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The Mission of this organization is to promote, educate and spread awareness about Lupus. We will also improve the lives of people with Lupus by providing resources, health fairs, workshops, staging social events, and fundraisers. It is very important that we build awareness about Lupus across the nation. Our Organization is also working towards helping families suffering from Lupus by providing them with small financial grants, which will assist patients with medication and medical bills. We need to get communities across this country involved with this fight. The goal is to not only encourage families with this disease but it will also help to be a support to each and every one of us. By doing this, we should be able to make the lives of patients suffering from the enormity of this crisis called Lupus just a little bit better.






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