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Coaching towards H.O.P.E ~with Marquette

~Marquette Hairston~

Founder and CEO of 2 Sisters 2 Different Kind of Lupus Foundation

~Lupus Speaker/Advocate~Holistic Health & Wellness Life Coach~Mentor

Welcome to our Coaching section, I am exciting about assisting you in your Journey to a better YOU. Thank you for taking interest in something as important as YOU. Let’s start with H.O.P.E, these acronym stands for Healing the Oppressed to Persevere towards Elevation. My goal is to walk alongside and assist in your journey to becoming the best YOU. For many who is taking the first step, this may be challenging due to self-doubt, confusion, illness or the many curve balls life has thrown at you.

There are a multitude of reasons and one must be to begin on your personal or professional development journey. By signing up for Life Coaching you are putting most of the self-doubt behind you and taking the initiative to change the way you have been doing things, therefore changing your results.


About Me

A little about me. As you may know I was diagnose with Lupus in 2007. Throughout the years I have encountered many struggles, some kept me bound and oppressed momentarily. However I have always been a giver, being a giver has also made me a fighter. If I feel that what I have can benefit someone else, then I do not hesitate to oblige. This lead me to developing ways to assist others, who may be oppressed or bound in similar struggles. I come from a background that supports that title. Most of my adult life I have spent dealing with human services in some way shape or form. I have worked with homeless families finding them homes and helping them to get back on track with their lives.

I have set up a nonprofit organization called 2 Sisters 2 Different Kinds of Lupus Inc. which is a 501c3 organization. I volunteer within my church home for various committees. The most rewarding of all of the committees I must say is the youth committees and community workshops. Although I am able to help some people with these ventures I just feel that the efforts are not streamlined enough. Because even while working with homeless women/families you are limited with the type of advice or guidance you can give. That is why I have decided to teach my techniques on how to envision a better you. I feel that I have accomplished so much while being diagnosed with Lupus myself, and I want to show you how through wellness and life coaching you can remain focused and strive towards whatever your goals are whether personal or professional.


Life Coaching Session: $100

  • 1 Hour: dealing with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance
    • Intake
    • Action and wellness plan put in place

Life Coaching Session on Breaking Habits and developing new Patterns: $49

  • 30 minutes

Coping with an Illness (online course)

Email to Schedule Appt: Marquetteh@2sisters2lupus.org



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